The Hero, On Standby

Oct 11

The Hero, On Standby

Tue, 10/11/2011 - 06:57 — Thabo Mokete

Every person alive is a success story being written, if we care enough to read. Often it is written in spite of our efforts to sabotage it.

Each person is the main character in his or her own story. Life creates the character and provides the plot, but allows the character to come out alive. The story practically writes itself on the page. Some stories are sad, while others are happy, all according to the way the main character develops. 

There are three main parties in the story: the villain, the victim and the hero. It is a never failing plot for a great drama! These three keep the story going from beginning right through till the end. There maybe other characters along, but they must all fit in the plot of the main three.

The villain is the one who represents darkness and evil. He hurts, robs, steals and murders. He makes us furious.

The victim is the one we sympathize with. He is fragile and vulnerable, but a child of royalty. The villain wants to destroy him completely. The victim is helpless, and sometimes left for dead on the side of the road.

Then there is the hero who appears out of nowhere, as if in a dream. He goes straight for the victim and realizes the victim is not dead yet, administers first aid and starts to bind up the wounds and takes him to hospital.

When the victim has recovered, the hero takes him or her and rides with him to that home he always dreamed of. Full of love and joy. The victim regains his personality again and becomes a hero of their own.

In a conventional story, the villain, the victim and the hero would have been found in three different people. However, in the great movie of life, these three are found in one person: The main character.

In the main character is found the villain, the victim and the hero all in one. The main character has  freedom to become whichever of the three at any stage through belief.

The villain, whom we often call the evil one, the Devil, cannot work from the outside. He must become one and the same person as the main character to be able to do his proper work of destruction. He works from within the heart.

But to the victim it seems as if he is working from outside. The victim is able to point fingers at the people who have the Devil in them. This is part of the villain's tactics. As long as as we see the villain in others, there is little hope of us making it alive. The work of destruction will simply carry on within, while we're busy blaming others!

The Hero also works from within. The fact that he appears out of nowhere, means that he is on standby within. He has been there all along, hidden by a cloud of darkness in the victim's eyes. If only the victim could have seen there was a Hero nearby in him all along, he would have cried out for help even earlier.

The Hero does not impose; He is strong, wise and gentle. He knows all about victims. He is not afraid of the villain either. By the time he appears on the scene, he has already bound the villain in chains and rendered him powerless.

For every victim in life who has been assaulted and injured, there is a Hero waiting, on standby. He wants to take over and pick up the victim. However, part of victim behaviour is to not trust anyone. If the victim can only give up trying to make things better... At that moment of almost death, and giving up, the Hero steps right in, not a minute earlier or a second later. The Hero comes on the scene right on time!

This scene of the three parties does not happen only once, it is a recurring theme in the story of each person's life. It persists, until the person can see the very lights of home and get excited about the city they have longed for. Home is not a place far away somewhere. It is in the heart when victims are no longer victims but are princes and princesses loved and saved by the Hero in them.

We all become heroes, when the Hero takes over in us. He lives his hero life in us. He takes care of the victim in us and turns the victim into a prince and princess we were meant to be. The Hero becomes us. The is no distinction between the hero and the prince. The hero coincides with us.

There is a beginning and an ending to every story. No one knows how each story will end. One can only dream and believe.