Success Through Failure 3 - The Handle Of Responsibility

May 06

Success Through Failure 3 - The Handle Of Responsibility

Tue, 05/06/2014 - 07:47 — Thabo Mokete

Genuine success demands no less than that one must take the initiative to achieve it. Sometimes failure will keep coming just to show that one has not yet not found the all-critical handle to get things rolling.

In order to accomplish anything, we should be aware of how much personal initiative will be required from us. We must find our own lever to get moving.

If a car driver does not activate the gear lever or whatever lets the car move, It will simply stand idle. He may have filled up the petrol tank, and got the engine running.  It says: Activate the gear lever.

At any stage when there is a part of one's life standing still not moving, it is only a reminder of personal commitment; To find that lever that lets things go. When we begin to take responsibility, movement is inevitable.

Responsibility, not equal to controlling others
There is a time and place for controlling the external environment but it is not responsibility. The need to make others do things your way can sometimes overshadow the sense of responsibility.

Take for example the leader who screams and shouts at others for not cleaning up after doing their work. Yet, he is always late for meetings, and in his haste leaving papers flying around, and his half-eaten breakfast on the desk. He is failing to start in himself what he wants to see happening.

Responsibility is not equal to being busy
Strangely enough, being busy can be a perfect way of avoiding taking accountability for one's success.

For example, someone may plant a vegetable garden, where one of the tasks is to water it daily. He could spend his days cleaning the house, washing dishes, answering emails and messages, helping his neighbour fix the roof on his house, and watching the evening news. He may feel good, having done so many good things, but successfully avoided taking responsibility of watering the garden. He has but neglected the one thing that urgently needed his input the whole week!

Responsibility as opposed to blame
Blame and responsibility may be on the same line but on opposite ends, east and west.

Blame can actually prevent us from being responsible. It says, who did the wrong, who must be punished? It does not empower, whether we blame God, the president, mother, father, others or even self. The result is the same: Powerlessness.

Responsibility on the other end says, where is the gear that I must activate to carry on forward? In being responsible we are not asking who did the wrong, or whom can we nail for the failure? We rather say, where is the key that we missed the last time, in whose hands is it?

There is a time and place for handing out packets of guilt and blame. Such as in courts, public hearings, community councils, family gatherings and so on. Blame functions as the way to settle scores and leveling grounds between people in the social sphere.

However, if we want to talk about a way of progress, blame is worth nothing. If we want to advance, we will have to look where it is at, with regard to accountability and responsibilities. Where are the levers that take us forward?

At a scene of a car accident, we may be asking who was wrong, who caused so many people to die and some to be hurt? There maybe an eye witness who saw the one that broke the rules. This is useful is settling the score in court.

However, this settling of scores in court does nothing for the people who need to survive the accident, or even the bodies that lie there. Sometimes the person blamed is already dead! The question that must be asked then is who is accountable for this accident scene? Is anybody qualified with first aid, are there any paramedics nearby? Responsibility is taken on by capable caregivers.

No doubt there is always the opportunity to identify who did not support you, who sabotaged your career, who lied to you, who cheated you, who took advantage of you and so on. All this cannot be avoided at times, but it is only a calling for a new kind of thinking, responsibility. For even blame, if handled responsibly, leads to a new, empowered way of looking at the situation.

Sometimes blame is the perfect place to sit and hide when one is uncertain or afraid of the future. It becomes the perfect device to avoid dealing with life's decisions and tasks. One may stay for years, or even decades in blame position, not moving an inch forward, but sinking deeper into victim mode.

It need not be so. At any moment, we can ask the question, where is the place of responsibility right here? No matter how small an act of taking initiative, it is great if taken sincerely with the intention of moving forward. It is a step already towards success.

One is never to young or too old to take the initiative for one's success. It is never too early or too late to start being responsible. The keys for our success have not been handed over to somebody else. We can all each one, if we please, activate the lever and get on our way to our goal.