The Hero, Stepping Right In

Oct 30

The Hero, Stepping Right In

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 06:46 — Thabo Mokete

Some things seem destined to happen in a certain way. Over and over again. Like fate. My life story seems to be engraved, written in the stone. That is until I intervene. Then when I do intervene, that brings a new shape to my destiny.

It's only natural to see things going downhill when I am letting go of hope and courage. 'What's the point?', I say. 'I'm losing it. I am going to fail. Again.' Lying there, all I seem to hear is - 'Let it all go down. I'm very tired and its all too hard.'

Right in the middle of that moment, out of nowhere comes an impulse. An idea that steps into my thoughts. It takes a hold. It says to me I can do it differently this time. I can change the direction of the flow. Nothing has to carry on the way it did yesterday. I can interrupt the current stream. I can intervene. It always seems unbelievable until I actually start moving in. When I do step in, that's the Hero.

The Hero steps right in and makes things happen where it seemed there was no way.  The impossible become possible when I start doing them.

I have learned this too, that in spite of appearances, the Hero is never too early or too late in taking up things up. At any time, any place, I can make the call, for the Hero is always on standby. And He does only one thing: He steps right in for all who are in distress.

I can let situations run away with my life, or I can step right in. That's the Hero.

Sometimes to intervene means doing the same thing I did before but with a different intention this time. Then perhaps do that same thing ten minutes earlier than yesterday.

I may intervene by moving just an inch to the left. Adjustment. Sometimes it means I must stop fighting and wait patiently. There are cases where it means I must just stand my ground in spite of great pressure and threat, get to that place of not being afraid. By and by the Hero comes through as I let go of attachment to something where my mind was caught in a bind.

Sometimes it means paying attention to the very thing I have ignored before. Even embracing a part of who I am, some dark part. It could also mean asking for help. I may also come through by starting to care for what I love. On occasion I do interrupt the flow by doing right now in an hour what would have taken me three weeks to do in the following month.

Sometimes it means leaving my comfort and safe harbors and heading for the unknown. There I see myself going beyond the limits that were in place.

There are so many ways in which I take a hand. One thing I know: When the Hero steps right in, I always know what to do. I do what it takes. Sometimes you have to intervene in your own life. That's the Hero.

It may seem easy to move into other people's situations when they struggle and that's a great thing. How often though, the cry for help comes from way down. Right here. You may be alone, we may be a group, a nation or even society, and things may be headed way south. We can let our treasures get away downstream, or we can step right in and turn it around. That's the Hero.

In that moment when you call the Hero, you and the Hero become one. One and the same person. When we believe, we become who we need to be to win.